One of the most wanted Polish criminals detained on Mallorca

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He was hiding in Bulgaria, Thailand, Malaysia and Great Britain, only to get caught in Spain. A man from Warsaw's district of Targówek, wanted since 2016 for a number of crimes, has been detained on Mallorca. He has over 20 years to serve behind bars.


According to Warsaw police, the 44-year-old has been named one of the most dangerous Polish criminals. Four wanted notices and the European Arrest Warrant have been issued after him.

Hiding from justice

"The man from Targówek has committed multiple crimes, including being a member of organised crime groups. He has been accused of forging documents and money, corruption, illegal posession of firearm and ammunition, as well as of bodily harm. Moreover, he's been accused of illegal posession of significant amounts of drugs," Warsaw police said.Polish courts had issued three orders to determine the 44-year-old's whereabouts, as well as an arrest warrant. "Despite having four wanted notices issued after him, the man was successfully hiding from justice," reads a police statement.

European Arrest Warrant

The search after the after was led by officers from the Person Search and Identification Team of the Crime Unit at Targówek police station. They found out that the criminal had been hiding, among other places, in Bulgaria, Thailand, Malaysia and great Britain. "Due to the gathered information, in February this year, an international search was launched and the European Arrest Warrant after the 44-year-old was issued," the police informed.

Detained on Mallorca

The officers have determined that the 44-year-old could have been hiding in Spain. They have passed this information to the Bureau of International Cooperation of the General Police Headquarters of Poland and to the Spanish police. The man was detained last Tuesday (November 12) on Mallorca. "After all formal extradition procedures have been completed, the man will be brought to Poland and face justice for his crimes," the police officers said and added that according to all court sentences, the 44-year-old will be facing over 20 years of jail.

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