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Weekend rains caused damage in southern Poland

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Southern Poland repairs damage caused by heavy rains over weekendTVN24
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TVN24Southern Poland repairs damage caused by heavy rains over weekend

Torrential rain over the weekend caused lots of damage in Małopolska region. In many places the water washed garbage and mud, flooding houses and cars. "Together with my sister, we couldn't even walk outside, we had to jump out the window," said a resident of Głogoczów in Małopolska. A flood wave swept through her village.

"The water flown down on us from the main road, as the slopes had collapsed," said Maria, a resident of Głogoczów. Together with her sister, the woman had to escape her flooded house through a window.

She explained, that just minutes after breaking through the levee, the water was already in her house. "Together with my sister, we couldn't even walk outside, we had to jump out the window in the corridor. The firemen placed chairs to help us, we had to run as there was so much water," she added.

"Huge river flown from the hills"

TVN24 reporter Marcin Kwaśny went to Głogoczów in Myślenice county to see the aftermath of the flooding. "A few hours of rain that happened two nights ago, now means long weeks of cleaning up. The water left behind mud everywhere: in the houses and on the roads. On one side, the water was flowing along the Głogoczówka river, but on the other, it flew down from the hills," the reporter said. Normally, the local river is less than 1-meter wide, but during the rain it burst its banks.

A local primary school suffered too, even though it is not located directly at the river. "According to the residents, a huge river flown down from the hill and caused damage also in that school, flooding lower stories," Kwaśny said.

Flooded village of GłogoczówŁukasz Gągulski/PAP

Morawiecki: situation is getting stable

Firefighters intervened 863 times over the weekend in Małopolska after heavy rainfall caused havoc in the region. The Myślenice county was hit the worst. All scout camps in the province have been evacuated.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited Małopolska on Sunday to inspect the damage. "Most likely, as much as it's possible for humans to predict weather, the situation will be getting stable, maybe even improve in Małopolska," the prime minister told the media on Monday.

He also thanked local authorities for organising help and estimating damage. "Thank's to it I'm certain we will be able to quickly help the people to repair their homes," he said. The PM also discussed investments in local flood prevention measures.

"The Law and Justice government is ready to finance various projects," Morawiecki said.

"We expect more calls"

"Our actions lasted until late evening. Luckily, Sunday night was peaceful. We are on constant stand-by, we expect more calls," said the spokesman for the Małopolska Fire Service Sebastian Woźniak.

GłogoczówŁukasz Gągulski/PAP

According to his data, over the weekend the fire service intervened 863 times, mostly in Myślenice county - 280 times, 148 times in Kraków county, Tarnów county - 100 times, and Wadowice county - 69.

The highest number of interventions - 362 - were related to property flooding and fallen trees - 225, whereas 106 interventions pertained to flooded roads, and 38 to damaged or torn-off roofs.

"There are no reports on any injured," the spokesman said.

Over the weekend in the Małopolska region, 1250 units of state and voluntary fire services were dispatched to help after the rain - a total of more than 6,500 firefighters.


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