Europarliament's delegation to U.S. elects Radosław Sikorski as new chief

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Radek Sikorski: the United States are a key partner of the European Union (video from 30 May, 2018)tvn24
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Former Poland's defense and foreign minister, Radosław Sikorski, was elected as the new chair of the European Parliament's Delegation for relations with the United States of America (D-US). This one of the biggest and most important delegations of the European Parliament.


The delegation elected Radosław Sikorski (EPP) by acclamation as the new chair.

"As the chairman, I will be trying to make use of the experience I have gained, for instance, as the chief of Polish diplomacy," Sikorski said shortly after being elected.

The new leader stressed that the United States are a key partner of the European Union. "I'm sure transatlantic ties can be better. At the moment, the biggest challenge is to avoid trade war with our American partners, which consequences could affect millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic, including millions of Poles," Sikorski said.

He underscored numerous mutual commitments of both sides. "Parliamentary diplomacy is different from governmental, but is all the more necessary when the governmental one struggles. During my term in this office I intend to establish relations with Polish diaspora in the USA, in order to bring the European Union closer to them," said Poland's former foreign minister.

Jackie Jones (S&D) and Nicolae Stefanuta (Renew Europe) were elected first and second vice-chair respectively.

The first regular meeting will take place in Strasbourg on 24 October 2019 in preparation for the forthcoming 84th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting in the framework of the Transatlantic Legislators' Dialogue to be held on 4 and 5 November 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

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