Taxi drivers' protest suspended for three weeks

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Taxi drivers gathered at the Three Crosses Square in Warsaw, where there's the seat of the Entrepreneurship and Technology ministryTVN24 News in English
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After the talks with the government, the taxi drivers decided to suspend the protest for three weeks, informed the union leader Rafał Piotr Jurek. He added that he hopes that until that time both sided will be able to work out a satisfactory solution.

On Wednesday, in the Social Dialogue Council, representatives of taxi drivers' community met with the government. The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

The head of the ministry Jagwiga Emilewicz informed after the meeting that she will do her best to make sure the amendment to the road transport bill is adopted before summer holidays. She added, however, that there are no legal grounds to switch off apps like Uber in Poland.

"Our goal is to civilise this market, namely to establish regualtions that would guarantee the same rights and duties for all actors on this arena," said Emilewicz.

Rafał Piotr Jurek from the Masovian "Solidarity" trade union announced early evening that the protest has been temporarily suspended. "Officially, we have suspended the protest. I believe that three weeks should be enough to see the fruits of what's been established so far," he said. "We have agreed that the changes we're looking forward to see will be discussed at the infrastructure commission in the parliament," he added.

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