Presidential election: no winner according to Ipsos exit poll

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Presidential run-off exit poll by Ipsos announced
Presidential run-off exit poll by Ipsos announcedTVN24
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TVN24Presidential run-off exit poll by Ipsos announced

President Andrzej Duda has won 50,4 percent of votes in the second round of presidential election, while mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski - 49,6 percent, according to an exit poll carried out by Ipsos. The pollster informed that based on this survey it was impossible to determine the definite winner of the vote. The margin of error in an exit poll is 2 percentage points, while in this case it was 0,8 pp.

The Sunday voting took place between 7 am and 9 pm. According to an exit poll by Ipsos, the incumbent president Andrzej Duda won 50,4 percent of votes, while 49,6 of respondents said they voted for Civic Coalition candidate Rafał Trzaskowski.

The turnout, according to the exit poll, was at 68,9 percent. Therefore it was higher than in the first round when 64,51 percent of eligible voters took part in the ballot.

Exit poll by Ipsos: Duda in front but no winner yetTVN24

Duda: long live Poland

"Long live Poland!" - said Andrzej Duda at an election night in Pułtusk, shortly after the exit poll was published.

"Look at this wonderful turnout, nearly 70 percent, thank you with all my heart. Winning the presidential election with 70-percent voter turnout is magnificent news, I'm deeply touched, with all my heart I thank all my fellow countrymen," Andrzej Duda added.

"Such turnout is a beautiful proof, it beautifully attests to our democracy," he said.

"Thanks to all who voted for me"

Andrzej Duda congratulated Rafał Trzaskowski on his result. "My sincere congratulations. I'd also like to thank his voters for taking part in the election, for casting votes," Duda said.

The president thanked everyone. "However, I'd especially like thank those who voted for me, all those who supported me, who were next to me during the campaign, but also those who attended meetings with me during all five years of my presidency," the president stressed.

"Thank you for talking to me, thank you for a chance to listen to you, thank you for all your remarks: those assessing my policy in a positive way, but also those critical voices. Those were also very important for me," he said.

Trzaskowski: I'm certain we will win

"We've been talking that it may be tight, and it is tight, but I'm absolutely certain that we will win," Rafał Trzaskowski said after the exit poll was released. "All we need is to count the votes," he added.

He stressed that "this night will be nervous for all of us in Poland". "But I'm absolutely certain that once we count every single vote, we will win and triumph," Trzaskowski said.

"We will change Poland"

"I'd like to thank you, because without you we wouldn't have been where we are now," Trzaskowski told his supporters at an election night rally in Warsaw. "I'm sure we will change Poland, because once we've woken up, no one will put us back to sleep," he stressed. "I'm certain we will win," he added.

He also declared that regardless of what happens next, he would continue to fight for free courts, women's rights, as well as to stand behind the weak.

He also thanked his wife Małgorzata, his children and family. "Thank you for this whole lot of spirit," Małgorzata Trzaskowska said.


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