Challenge accepted: comedian and incumbent to debate in Ukraine's run-off at stadium


Ukrainian presidential candidate and comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy released on Wednesday evening a video in style of his popular TV series, saying he accepts invitation by incumbent Petro Poroshenko to participate in election debates.

As he walks across National Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy, Zelenskiy, who led in the first round with twice more votes than Poroshenko, demanded to hold the debates in the 65,000-capacity stadium and gave Poroshenko 24 hours to respond.

After being published on Facebook, the video collected some 40,000 likes and 52,000 shares.

Response from Poroshenko came quickly on Thursday night.

"Being a president and Commander-in-Chief means to bear responsibility for people, to bear responsibility for the country both inside Ukraine and on the international arena. Debates are held not for the sake of a show at the stadium... But if you want it to be at the stadium, let it be the stadium," Poroshenko said, looking straight into the camera with presidential administration in background.

Run-off will take place on April 21.

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