Women's support group accused of promoting occultism

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Alicja Tomaszewska is one the founders of the Wiedźmuchy group
Alicja Tomaszewska is one the founders of the Wiedźmuchy group
TVN24Alicja Tomaszewska is one the founders of the Wiedźmuchy group

Wiedźmuchy is a support group of some 20 women. They organise events, create art together and help those in need. Recently, local authorities have received a complaint. Its authors accuse the women of promoting occultism and offending religious feelings. Miłaków local councillors are to seriously look into the matter.

As Wiedźmuchy say themselves, they are an artistic support group. They came together five years ago - not only do they support each other, but are also involved in artistic and charitable projects.

The group is composed of some 20 women of different ages and professions, but most of them have traumatic experiences. They organise events, create art, perform at festivities dressed as witches and help people in need.

Wiedźmuchy group gatheringWiedźmuchy

"Wiedźmuchy help us carry on living"

One of the founders of the Wiedźmuchy group is Alicja Tomaszewska - director of Miłaków Cultural Centre. Although, the group has its seat in Cieźliny, Dywity municipality, some 50 kilometres away, most likely this is why Miłaków Catholic Action has accused the women of practising occultism and offending religious feeling.

"We don't promote occultism, we don't practice magic, we're not fairy tale characters. We also don't get involved in religion. From the start, our activities have been meant to help us get back on our feet through play and fun. It helps us to carry on living," Alicja explained. She added that through their events they wanted to show other women that they did not have to spend their whole lives "in the kitchen", that they can do more than that.

Wiedźmuchy suspect that the complaint filed against them could have been motivated by their support for the Women's Strike. Now, the complaint has found its way to the Miłaków complaints and requests committee. It is to be examined by the councillors in late August. People who filed the motion want Alicja Tomaszewska to be removed from office.

Wiedźmuchy posted a photo of an agenda of the committee session. Point 5 on the list is the "case" of the complaint against the group.

Local council is serious

The head of the committee Zbigniew Opoka told Onet they treat the complaint seriously. He has already announced he will invite Alicja Tomaszewska and the local parson to a meeting regarding Wiedźmuchy. He calls the activists "a cabaret". "We want to get to the bottom of all this," he said. Currently, Opoka is on vacation - we weren't able to contact him.

One of the Catholic Action activists and Ostróda county councillor Zbigniew Zabłocki (member of the ruing Law and Justice party) shed some light on the complaint itself. In his view, "dances, exclamations and chants of Wiedźmuchy call to mind satanic cults". Hence, the move by Catholic Action.

Part of the Wiedźmuchy members declare themselves as fervent Catholics. On a few occasions they participated in events organised by Church institutions.

Alicja Tomaszewska says the group is still open and growing. New members are always very welcome and help everyone - also men, children, and recently even owl from Albatros Foundation.


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