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Woman sentenced to probation for violating COVID quarantine

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Beata OlenkiewiczPolish police officers entertain people locked under quarantine

Karolina L. has been sentenced to a one-year probation for violating quarantine rules. The woman knew she had tested positive for coronavirus, and yet she was going out to do shopping. The court also ordered the 38-year-old to pay 1,800 zlotys in compensation to 12 people.

The verdict was made on Monday at the Toruń District Court. The woman was found guilty of putting many people in danger in April and May of 2020, by leaving her apartment fully aware of being infected with coronavirus. Karolina L. went to local grocery stores, a souvenir shop and a pharmacy, among other places.

The woman has been sentenced for one year in prison suspended for a one-year probation period. Furthermore, the 38-year-old has been placed under supervision of a probationary officer, and will have to pay 12 people 150 zlotys each.

"It's not true that she (the defendant) did ot resort herself only to activities absolutely necessary for her proper functioning or survival" - judge Hanna Konrad said. "Her behaviour, namely going amongst the people, so to speak, while knowing she was certainly infected with coronavirus, (...) had created an epidemiological danger for people she had come across" - the judge explained.

For putting many lives in danger, the woman was facing up to 8 years in prison. The ruling is not yet legally binding.

Karolina L. has been sentenced for violating quarantine rulesTVN24

The 38-year-old woman was behind bars from May to August 2020. On September 24, the court released her from prison and placed her under police supervision (she had to report at the police station twice a week). The defendant willfully asked to be sentenced. The parties could not agree terms of such solution, and so a trial was needed. In January 2021, during the first hearing, the woman apologised for what she had done.

"I had no choice. I had to do my shopping and buy my medicines as I had no one else to do it for me. I regret what had happened. I suffer from depression, and staying in detention was a horrible experience for me. I've never been in such a place before" - Karolina L. said.

The woman's attorney, Mariusz Lewandowski, had earlier argued that 5 months of detention were an inadequate punishment. In his view, Karolina L. has not been obstructing the investigation and fully cooperated.

"I will never forget prison" - the woman said about time she had served. She agrees with her attorney that she has already paid enough for her wrongdoing.


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