Łukasz collected hundreds of thousands for others. Now he needs help himself

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tvn24Łukasz Berezak potrzebuje pomocy

Despite being terminally ill himself, 17-year-old Łukasz Berezak has been collecting money for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. He has now found himself in need of help from others.

"Łukasz's health condition has seriously deteriorated in recent months. Generally he's lying in bed" - said Iza Berezak, the boy's mother. The 17-year-old suffers from a number of illnesses, including Crohn's disease, Cushing syndrome, hypertension and osteoporosis. He is frequently in severe pain, sometimes so strong that he faints.

His parents need help to finance his treatment. Expensive surgeries, medicines and rehabilitation are not the only problem. Łukasz also needs a new wheelchair, as the one he has now is in appalling condition and can no longer be used.

Łukasz's mom and dad have organised a fundraiser to help their son at the zrzutka.pl website. They need 150,000 zlotys.

Łukasz became widely known for his eagerness to help others when as a 10-year-old WOŚP volunteer he said this to TVN24 reporter: "There's no chance to save me, so I'd like to help those who still have hope". With this statement the boy not only won the sympathy of Jurek Owsiak, but also hearts of countless people who actively support him.

Since then, despite his condition, he has been collecting money for the WOŚP charity. This year alone he managed to gather 225,225 zlotys.

"When he helps, when he needs to get something done, he forgets about what's happening in him. The joy in his eyes is the ultimate reward" - Łukasz Berezak's mom said.


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