Next station: arrest. Teenagers help to detain a toy thief

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Mińsk Mazowiecki County PoliceTeenagers saw the man at a train and called the police

Two teenage girls saw a man running out of a toy store. They thought it might have a thief. Unfortunately, the 22-year old man disappeared behind neighbouring houses. The girls saw the man later again at a train, and this time they decided to act.

A few days ago two young girls witnessed a man quickly running out of a store with toys in his hands. He dashed in between houses and they lost sight of him. They suspected that the man could have committed a larceny. They went inside the store and the proprietor confirmed their hunch.

Later that day it turned out the man the girls had seen earlier was travelling on a train with them. He had the toys with him. "Despite their young age the girls acted very responsibly. They got off, called an emergency number and reported the situation. Meanwhile, the train with the man on board departed," said Elżbieta Zagórska of Mińsk Mazowiecki County Police.

A police officer with the detained manMińsk Mazowiecki County Police

Next station: arrest

After being notified, a Mińsk Mazowiecki County Police duty officer called the train driver, who stopped the train at the next station. Police officers quickly arrived at the location, detained the man, and recovered the stolen toys worth nearly 800 zlotys (approx. 170 euro).

The 22-year-old admitted to the theft and voluntarily agreed to punishment. The police say the man told them he wanted to sell the toys at a pawn shop. The case is being investigated by the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Mińsk Mazowiecki.

"The two teenage girls demonstrated great courage and responsiblity. They reacted with great maturity to the incident they witnessed, and their conduct was exemplary. A crime perpetrator has been detained thanks to them," Zagórska stressed.


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