Taxi drivers gathered in central Warsaw again in protest against Uber-like apps

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Taxi drivers demand that transport apps such as Uber should be banned from use TVN24 News in English
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Protesting taxi drivers gathered on Tuesday in front of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Warsaw. As the unions announced earlier, next round of negotiations with the government has been scheduled for Wednesday.

The taxi drivers' trade union announced that the protest is suspended. On Wednesday at noon, negotiations are set to begin that would include representatives of four ministries, including justice and finance, as well as the of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, said one of the union leaders Rafał Piotr Jurek.

"We're in a state of strike emergency. As long as the negotiations are ongoing, I don't see the need to protest. If the talks will divert from the path we'd expected, then we will be forced to resume the strike," he said.

As he added, the ministry of entrepreneurship and technology is willing to acknowledge the demand regarding blocking the operations of the Uber company.

"Minister Emilewicz has listened to our arguments for a long time yesterday. She's very much in favour of our proposal. That's why tomorrow's meeting will involve so many parties," said Jurek.

In his view, this is "an application that is used to breaking the law". "I'd like it to be blocked as soon as possible," he said. He added that at Wednesday's meeting, a new draft bill on road transport will also be discussed.

The ministry commented on the issue as well. "We've received the unions' demands in writing and we will distribute them to all the parties that are to take part in the Wednesday's talks in the Social Dialogue Council," said the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Jadwiga Emilewicz. She confirmed that the meeting is scheduled for 12 on Wednesday.

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