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Anti-corruption bureau is examining Supreme Audit Office chief's asset declaration

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Marian Banaś has been appointed the new chief of the Supreme Audit OfficeTVN24 News in English
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The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) has been looking into asset declaration of the chief of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) since April - the CBA announced on Monday. According to the plan, the control is to be complete in the second half of October. It means that its results would be known after the parliamentary election. The controversies surrounding Marian Banaś' asset declaration have been revealed by "Superwizjer" TVN.


Reporter from "Superwizjer" TVN, Bertold Kittel, has examined the asset declation of the former finance minister and deputy minister, Marian Banaś, who was appointed the chief of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) on August 30.

Marian Banaś has been appointed as the chief of NIK despite his asset declaration being under scrutiny of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Control until mid-October

The CBA issued a statement on Monday saying that it has been looking into Marian Banaś' asset declaration since April 16 and that the control had been preceeded by a thorough analysis.

"The inquiry encompasses asset declarations submitted between 2015 and 2019. The planned date of the control's completion is second half of October," the CBA informed. It means that the results of the control would be known, most likely, after the parliamentary election scheduled for October 13. "In line with the law on the CBA, inquires may take up to 9 months," the Bureau explained.

"Until the control has been complete, as in any other case, the CBA will not inform about the details of the ongoing inquiry, nor will it speculate on its results," reads the statement undersigned by the CBA spokesman, Temistokles Brodowski.

Report by "Superwizjer"

"Superwizjer" journalist, Bertold Kittel, has been checking, among other things, why Marian Banaś had not included the information regarding a tenement building in Kraków district of Podgórze that was used as a collateral and, according to the asset declaration and the real estate register, is owned by the chief of NIK. The journalist visited an hourly hotel that is being run in the building. It was there where he had faced a well-known criminal and ex-con from Kraków.

Marian Banaś avoided answering the journalist's questions about the tenement building, despite being asked face-to-face. Only after the TV report was aired had he issued a statement regarging the property. He claims that he no longer owns it, "did not manage the hotel shown in the material", and that he had rented the place in the past "under a legal contract".

The report by "Superwizjer" stressed that in 2016 Banaś had declared to sell the tenement building, but it did not happen. The property became a collateral for loan of over 2.6 million zlotys, granted by Bank Ochrony Środowiska, where Banaś' son had been working.

According to "Superwizjer", the NIK chief did not inform about this asset declaration.

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