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Corn snake sneaks out over to neighbour's flat 4 storeys below

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The corn snake was 1,5-metre long
The corn snake was 1,5-metre longLegnica City Guard
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Legnica City GuardThe corn snake is 1,5-metre long

A woman living in a residential block at Gwiezdna street in Legnica (Lower Silesia) found a snake slithering between her cosmetics. The next day it turned out the reptile belonged to her neighbour living four storeys up.

The 1,5-meter-long corn snake scared the woman, so she called the fire service. Firefighters, however, did not have proper equipment for such mission, so they notified Legnica City Guard.

"We have a special dog-catching team, but we're also experienced in catching other animals. City Guard officers arrived at the location and captured the reptile hidden between bathroom gadgets" - said Legnica City Guard spokesman Jacek Śmigielski.

The animal was secured in a container and taken to City Guard station, where everyone got confused with what to do with it. Releasing the snake was not an option and veterinarians were not able to provide any answers. It turned out one of the officers had snakes of that kind of his own at home and he offered to take care of the animal until the owner has been found.

The snake was found in the bathroomLegnica City Guard

It wasn't long until the mystery of the snake's visit was solved. On Thursday morning the owner of the reptile came in to pick up his pet.

"He explained he was cleaning the terrarium and must have left it unlocked. The flat was locked for the whole time. The only escape route from the 4th floor down to the ground floor went through the ventilation duct connecting both apartments" - Śmigielski said.

The snake's owner was issued a fine.


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