Law and Justice party meeting: changes in the government "any day now"


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The meeting of Law and Justice party's top politicians has come to end on Wednesday evening. After leaving the party's headquarters, deputy chairman Adam Lipiński refused to reveal any details of the talks. "I'm not allowed to say anything," he said. Asked when we could expect the names of new ministers who would replace those who won seats in the European Parliament, he replied: "I've no idea, but probably sooner than later".

On Monday, the National Electoral Commission announced the final results to the European Parliament. Law and Justice party have won with 45,38 votes which will translate into 27 seats in Brussels. The European Coalition will have 22 MEPs and Wiosna (Spring) party - 3.

Among those PiS candidates who won tickets were 5 ministers of Mateusz Morawiecki's cabinet. Furthermore, 3 deputy minister will also go to the Europarliament. As a result, a cabinet reshuflle is imminent.

Lipiński: I can't tell, the meeting's over

Shortly before 7 pm, in the Law and Justice party's headquarters in Warsaw, the meeting of the Political Committee of this party came to an end.

After leaving the building, deputy chairman of PiS, Adam Lipiński was asked by journalists about the details of the talks. He replied shortly: "I'm not allowed to say anything".

He repeated his answer once more when asked if any decisions have been made regarding new ministers who would replace the ones who'll leave for Brussels.

Asked when the said decisions could be expected, Lipiński said: "I've no idea, but probably sooner than later". "The meeting's over," he added and left the PiS headquarters.

After the meeting was over, Jarosław Kaczyński spoke with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki who was the last person to leave the building.

Terlecki: decisions "yes", but not for public

Around 4 pm on Wednesday, in Law and Justice's headquarters at Nowogrodzka street in Warsaw, the meeting of the party's Political Committee began.

As TVN24 reporter Katarzyna Gozdawa-Litwińska said, the first to arrive was the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro but he left the building shortly after. After 3 pm, the Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński and the Deputy Marshal of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki showed up in front of the building.

Terlecki was asked by the journalists if decisions regarding the new ministers would be taken at the Wednesday's meeting.

"Decisions will be taken but not necessarily revealed to the public," he replied. Asked about when the official information could be expected, he said: "any day now".

"It can happen so next week, yes," was his answer to the question regarding possible time of cabinet reshuffle.

Asked about other topics on the meeting's agenda, Terlecki said that PiS will be preparing for the upcoming campaign before the parliamentary elections set for October.

The meeting in the Law and Justice party's HQ at Nowogrodzka street was also attented by the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński, as well as his deputies: Beata Szydło, Mariusz Błaszczak, Mariusz Kamiński, Adam Lipiński and Antoni Macierewicz, deputy PM Piotr Gliński, as well as Marshals of the Sejm and the Senate, Marek Kuchciński and Stanisław Karczewski.

Lipiński: cabinet reshuffle rather soon

The deputy chairman of PiS, Adam Lipiński, convinced the journalists that he "didn't have the foggiest idea" when the reshuffle might take place. He added, however: "I think that rather soon".

He didn't reveal, however, whether the personal changes will take place on Thursday or in the beginning of the next week.

The interior minister Joachim Brudziński, who won a seat in Brussels, when asked if his replament has been already chosen, replied that he was still performing his ministerial duties.

Asked by the journalists about the government reshuffle, he said: "Please ask the prime minister because, as you all well know, he's the one making decisions".

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