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"No other warrior like him". Hip-hop artist Pjus dies at 39

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Zmarł raper Pjus
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TVN24 ArchivesHip-hop artist Pjus dies at 39

Rapper Karol Jerzy Nowakowski, better known as Pjus, has died at the age of 39. His friends and fellow hip-hop artists told TVN24 how they remembered their colleague from Alkopoligamia label. "He was an icon of determination, and that he never gave up. He used to pop into a hospital like it was a repair shop. He didn't despair and responded to sustained wounds like knight, and that was beautiful," said rapper Ten Typ Mes. Łukasz Stasiak admitted that he had never met any "other warrior like him".

Rapper Pjus died on Wednesday during surgery. He was 39 years old. During his music career he either part of or collaborated with 2cztery7, Ten Typ Mes, Numer Raz, Molesta Ewenement, Pezet, and Eldo. In 2004, the artist was diagnosed with a very serious disease known as neurofibromatosis type II. His auditory vestibular nerve and spine were attacked by tumors. Thanks to fundraisers organised by music community, he was able to undergo a number of surgeries aimed at removing the tumors. Despite a series of operations, the artist completely lost his sense of hearing, 80% of which was later restored thanks to two auditory brainstem implants. After recovery, he returned to making music.

Pjus died at the age of 39Rafał Mielnik/agencja

"He held hip-hop weapon in his hands and knew how to wield it"

"I would like to keep as many memories of him as possible from the time when he still in pretty good form and wasn't associated with the disease. For many people - understandably - he was an icon of determination and he never gave up. He used to pop into a hospital like it was a repair shop. He didn't despair and responded to sustained wounds like a knight, and that was truly beautiful," rapper and producer Ten Typ Mes told TVN24.

He added that the diseases were not really part of Pjus's identity. "Between these hardcore operations, he used to create new things all the time, he would come up with new ideas for the future, new ways to express himself and help others," he said.

According to Mes, Pjus was a true penman and wrote excellent pieces. "He held hip-hop weapon in his hands and knew how to wield it. It was his craft. I'm quite sure if we looked back at our first recordings from 2001 or 2002, we wouldn't have found any cringy or embarrassing lyrics by Pjus. He simply set the bar high and never went beneath it," Ten Typ Mes said.

"He also got me acquainted with certain phenomena from the British culture, as well hip-hop from the American South. He used to be this first seeker of all products of culture important to us. He used to show them to us. He instilled into Warsaw the clothing style of British hooligans. Whenever I see it, I will think about him," the rapper said.

According to Ten Typ Mes, to pay tribute to the late artist, we may simply listen to his music. "He wanted to reach out as many people as possible. He wasn't fixated on staying in the underground. Those are excellent and wise lyrics, backed with true life experiences. He's not just some kid telling us how to live. He's a firm and experienced knight who didn't give until the end," he underscored.

Hip-hop artist Pjus (Karol Jerzy Nowakowski) in 2014Bartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

"We got used to him always coming back"

"I never knew any other warrior like Karol," Łukasz Stasiak from Alkopoligamia label told TVN24. "This was, I think, his eleventh surgery, and he fell only in this last one battle. He really went through a lot and set an excellent example for other people. He was a role model in terms of rehabilitation and recovery," he remembered his friend.

"With all these surgeries he got us used to him always coming back. When we took him to the hospital on Sunday he was in a really bad way. We waited for him to text: "I have left surgery room". I thought it's going to happen this time too," Stasiak said.

In his view, Pjus used to endear himself to people with increadible ease. He knew how to find his way around various circles.

"He is remembered in so many different circles - from marketing, through football fans, up to culture and music circles," Stasiak stressed, adding that Pjus used to be involved in Warsaw Uprising commemoration events, as well as Legia Warsaw football club. "He was involved in so many activities that I have no idea how he found the time. Despite struggling with disease for two decades, he would find time for other things, and also supported people with the NF2 disease," he said.


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