Prosecutors ask for help in solving case of missing Ukrainian citizen

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Google EarthThe body was found in Bieniowice

If he is still alive, Andriy Chemeris is 38 years old. He hasn't seen his family for a few years now, while investigators from Legnica (southwestern Poland) suspect that his body was found in a pond last year. The prosecutors ask anyone who may recognise the man in the photo to come forward. The Ukrainian citizen has left two children in his homeland, his wife died in a gas explosion.

In January 2020, a body was found in a pond in Bieniowice (in southwestern region of Lower Silesia). Autopsy was needed to determine that the body belonged to a male of approximately 40 years of age. He had died a few months earlier, most likely in late summer or early fall of 2019. In order to identify the body, the investigators published a photo of a watch the man had on his hand.

Despite many received calls, none of the information helped the investigators to solve the case. Potential breakthrough came when a mysterious woman identified the watch, but she never contacted the police again.

More than a year after the body was found, the identity of the man remains a mystery. The investigators, however, have found a new lead. "We've received reliable information from a professional missing persons investigator specialising in people from outside of the eastern border. The family of a Ukrainian citizen Andriy Chemeris had contacted the said investigator. In 2018, Andriy Chemeris worked in the town of Prochowice until he went missing without a trace" - said Radosław Wrębiak from a prosecutor's office in Legnica.

Andriy Chemeris has left two small children back in Ukraine. His wife died in a gas explosion.

Prosecutors have published a photo of Andriy Chemeris and asked for helpProsecutor's Office in Legnica

"This information is crucial as the autopsy results indicated the unidentified man's age and height were similar to those of the missing Ukrainian. Andriy Chemeris is 170 cm tall, just like the found body. The missing man would be 38 today, and the body's age was estimated at 35 to 42 years" - the prosecutor said.

"We will ask Ukrainian authorities to send us DNA samples" - he added.

The prosecutors ask all persons who might have any information regarding the case to come forward. Especially, people having information about the missing Ukrainian citizen. Information can be reported at 76 72 31 220 or by contacting the police.

A watch the man found in lake had on his handProsecutor's Office in Legnica


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