Investigation launched into fatal shooting of 21-year-old by police officer

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The tragic incident took place in one of the residential neighbourhoods in
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The District Prosecutor's Office in Konin (Greater Poland Voivodeship) on Friday launched an investigation into fatal shooting of a 21-year-old man by a police officer. The incident happened on Thursday in Konin.


The inquiry was launched into involuntary overstepping of authority by a public officer and involuntary causing of death.

On Thursday before noon, at one of the residential naighbourhoods in Konin, a police patrol approached the 21-year-old and two 15-year-olds to perform an ID check. The oldest man started running away. According to the officers, he wasn't reacting to calls to stop. The officer who went after him fired a shot. The police claims that he was forced to do so. The 21-year-old died from the shot wound.

The spokesperson for the District Prosecutor's Office in Konin, prosecutor Aleksandra Marańda, informed on Friday that an investigation into the incident has been launched.

The autopsy of the 21-year-old has been scheduled for Friday. The officer who shot the man has not yet been questioned due to his condition.

The police searched the body and found a pair of scissors and a small plastic bag with white powder inside. It was still unclear whether or not the man had attacked or threated the officer chasing him with the scissors, as well as what particular substance was in the plastic bag.

Konin police appeals to all people who have witnessed the incident and may have information crucial for explaining all circumstances.

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