President Duda: health care is coping with the pandemic

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"As regards to the number of hospital beds and ventilators, Polish people should feel safe" - President Andrzej Duda said on Friday after the Cabinet Council meeting. He informed that over 10,000 hospital beds and approximately 1,000 ventilators were free and ready to use.

"Both the prime minister and health minister told me the situation looked better than they had expected" - President Duda said.

He explained that, according to the recent data, the number of infection cases showed a downward tendency.

Furthermore, he was told at the meeting that with some 10,000 unoccupied beds and 1,000 unused ventilators the situation looked safe.

"Indeed, I'd like to strongly emphasize that in terms of the number of both hospital beds and ventilators, Polish people should feel safe. The system is ready, and I feel safe in assuming that any person in need of a ventilator to save their health or life would be placed under one" - the president said.

He added that also in terms of oxygen supply, the demand was being met.

President Duda also called upon citizens to get vaccinated as soon as they can, and not to ignore even the slightest symptoms of COVID-19.


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