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Police officer saves little boy who choked on a cookie

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Sergeant Karolina Jachowska saved a little boy who choked on a cookieKPP Iława
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KPP IławaSergeant Karolina Jachowska saved a little boy who choked on a cookie

A little boy choked on a piece of cookie in a supermarket where his mother was buying groceries. The woman tried to help her baby, but to no effect. Luckily, a female police officer was in the store and saw the situation. "With no hesitation she took the boy in her arms and proceeded to administer help.

It all happened on June 23 in a local supermarket in Iława (Warmian-Masurian province). The police, however, has published the CCTV footage of the whole incident only recently. The woman was doing shopping with her baby. The boy was sitting in a shopping cart, he bit a piece of cookie and started to choke.

"It was very loud in the supermarket. The mother tried to help the baby, but to no effect. The dramatic situation was spotted by Sergeant Karolina Jachowska, who was doing shopping off-duty in the same store. The policewoman immediately took the boy in her hands and proceeded to administering first-aid," said Joanna Kwiatkowska from County Police Station in Iława.

The policewoman first removed the piece of cookie from the child's mouth, then she turned the boy upside down and started to slap him on the back, in an attempt to clear his respiratory tract.

"There was no time to lose, as such choking can quickly end with tragedy. When the baby started to breath normally again, the officer handed him to his mom. Thanks to the successful intervention, it ended happily," Kwiatkowska added.

The staff called an ambulance. The rescuers checked the boy's health and it turned out he was all fine. "All safe and sound, the boy could once again be embraced by his mother," the press officer said.

Sergeant Karolina Jachowska saved the boyKPP Iława


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