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Police sirens roared to honour officer killed in line of duty

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Police pay homage to a fallen officer Michał KędzierskiTVN24
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TVN24Police pay homage to a fallen officer Michał Kędzierski

Exactly at noon on Friday (May 7), sound of blaring police sirens could be heard across Poland. This way, the officers paid tribute to their fallen comrade Michał Kędzierski, who had been fatally shot in Racibórz.

Officer Michał Kędzierski died of gunshot wounds he sustained on Tuesday morning at Chełmońskiego street in the southern town of Racibórz. The suspect shot the policeman during a possible drunk driving stop. Asked to present his ID, the 40-year-old man reached for his firearm and shot the officer.

The family, friends and colleagues bid the last farewell to Michał Kędzierski at a funeral ceremony in Racibórz. Police officers across Poland paid tribute to their fallen comrade at noon by switching on blue lights and sirens in police cars.

"Not only Racibórz, but also anyone of us in all parts of Poland can bid farewell to Michał. In a gesture of solidarity and to honour his memory, exactly at 12.00, let's switch on light and sound signals, stop for a moment and pay tribute" - Polish Police said on Twitter.

Sirens in tribute to Officer Michał KędzierskiTVN24

Racibórz police officers say their colleague died serving his country. They remember he always dreamed of becoming a police officer. Michał Kędzierski joined the force in 2011.

"He was always open to the needs of others, he never refused to help. He will always remain in our hearts as a warm, smiling, kind and helpful colleague. He was an excellent and reliable partner on duty. Always ready to help and devote his time to others" - the officers say.

Before joining the police, Michał Kędzierski worked for many years in local media - his voice could be heard in radio Vanessa, and he also worked for Racibórz Cable Television. He was also a well-known DJ playing at local discos and hosting outdoor events.

Officer Michał Kędzierski was fatally shot during intervention in RacibórzSilesian Police


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