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Police escort father with his suffocating 5-year-old son to a hospital

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Policjant eskortował 5-latka do szpitala
Policjant eskortował 5-latka do szpitalatvn24
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tvn24Police escort suffocating 5-year-old to a hospital

A desperate father of a 5-year-old boy ran to police officers who were in the middle of an intervention and asked them for help as his son was suffocating. Realising that the situation was very serious, sergeant Radosław Kotwicki ordered a police escort and the race for the boy's life began. Luckily, it ended happily.

Officer Lucyna Rekowska from City Police Headquarters in Sopot said the situation took place on Wednesday evening. Two patrol officers were in the middle of an intervention at an address on Aleja Niepodległości. "Suddenly, a terrified man ran over to them and asked them for help. It turned out he was a father of a 5-year-old boy who was suffocating," Rekowska said.

One glance at the swelling and convulsing boy who couldn't catch a breath was enough for the officers to realise the situation was very serious. The father told them that his son started to show symptoms when they were driving. Heavy traffic and traffic lights were the main obstacles they had to overcome in order to get the child to a hospital as soon as possible.

Police escort of a suffocating 5-year-old boySopot City Police

Police escort decision

Sergeant Radosław Kotwicki made a decision to launch a police escort and announced it to other officers and a dispatcher in Sopot. The father got into his vehicle and followed the patrol car which was flashing blue lights and sounding sirens. They passed Sopot and then raced through the streets of Gdynia.

Thank to the escort, they managed to quickly make it to Gdynia City Hospital. The boy received medical help right on time. He is now safe and sound.


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