Two foreigners detained in connection to the attack on Israeli students in Warsaw

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The police and the prosecutor's office have determined the identity of people having direct connection with the attack on Israeli students - the Warsaw Police informed on Wednesday. One of them is of Palestinian origin and resides in one of the Benelux countries. Two Dutch citizens of Armenian origin have been detained.


According to the spokesperson for the Warsaw Police, Sylwester Marczak, further actions regarding this case will be taken under international cooperation.

The operation was carried out by the officers from downtown police department who had determined the identity the detained persons, whereas Warsaw criminal police carried out the arrest.

The students were attacked on Saturday (September 7) around 5 am at Twarda street in Warsaw. Four Israelis were waiting for a car that they had ordered outside a club. According to investigators, they were attacked by three men, one of which was shouting that he was Palestinian, and the aggression towards them was sparked by their nationality.

Poland's Foreign Minister commented on the incident on Monday. Polish Ambassador to Israel Marek Magierowski also strongly condemned the act. Israeli Embassy in Warsaw expressed "deep shock" after the attack on the students.

"@IsraelinPoland is deeply shocked by the attack on 2 Israeli students on Saturday in the very heart of Warsaw. We are sure that Polish authorities will take all necessary steps. We condemn violence and any attempts of bringing the Middle Eastern conflict to Polish soil" - Israeli Embassy wrote on Twitter.

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