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Special services look into hacker attack on PM's top aide and his wife

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Polish PM's top aide and his wife targeted by hackers
TVN24Polish PM's top aide and his wife targeted by hackers

Poland's special services spokesman informed on Wednesday about an inquiry into a hacker attack on PM top aide Michał Dworczyk and his wive's private email and social media accounts.

The chief of the prime minister's office Michał Dworczyk informed late on Tuesday about a hacker attack on his and his wive's email and social media accounts.

Spokesman for the minister-coordinator of Poland's special services, Stanisław Żaryn, said on Wednesday that an inquiry has been launched in relation to Michał Dworczyk's statement.

"When we're dealing with a criminal, a top-notch hacker, and such usually work for foreign powers' intelligence, we have expect that our protection may turn out to be insufficient" - Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro commented on the incident. "Even when it comes to top secret information of the United States" - he added.

Ziobro admitted that he "has very high opinion on Polish services". He added, however, that an ongoing inquiry would determine if there had been any irregularities.

Dworczyk said in a tweet late on Tuesday that the attack was "a part of a large-scale disinformation campaign including falsified and manipulated information".

He also reassured that his email had not contained any classified information.

Poland's Deputy PM Jarosław Gowin said that the incident "appears to be a provocation by Russian security services".

Members of opposition Civic Coalition alliance said parliamentary committees and prosecutor's office should launch separate inquiries into the cyberattack on the top state official.


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