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Strongest passports index. Polish document highest in history

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ShutterstockPolish passport ranked 8th in Henley Passport Index for Q1 2022

Polish passport allows holders to visit 183 countries and territories without a visa, according to the latest Henley Passport Index 2022. Japanese and Singapourean documents allow travellers to the borders of as many as 192 countries and territories, the highest number in the ranking. The top ten has been dominated by EU states passports.

With historical data spanning 17 years, the Henley Passport Index is the only one of its kind based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA). The index includes 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations. Updated quarterly, the Henley Passport Index is considered the standard reference tool for global citizens and sovereign states when assessing where a passport ranks on the global mobility spectrum.

Ranking Henley Passport Index 2022

Polish passport has been classified 8th in the ranking, along with the Hungarian document. This is the highest position in the index the Polish document has held since the start of the classification in 2006. Back then, Polish passport was ranked 16th.

Holders of the top-ranked passports - Japanese and Singapourean - can at least theoretically travel to 192 countries without a visa.

Holders of Afghan passports can travel visa-free only to 26 countries, which places the document at the bottom of the list.

South Korea and Germany were classified second (190 countries), followed by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain (189). Fourth place was shared between France, Netherlands, Austria, and Denmark (188). 5th place was shared by Ireland and Portugal (187). United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, and New Zealand were classified 6th (186), followed by Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece and Malta (185).

EU countries dominated the top ten spots on the list.

Setting aside the pandemic, the general level of travel freedom has largely increased in the last few decades. Henley Passport Index showed in 2006 that on average a person can visit 57 countries visa-free. Today, this number is almost twice as high at 107.

However, according to the ranking, this freedom is mostly available for European, North American, and richest Asian countries. For instance, citizens of countries like Angola, Cameroon, or Laos can only go to 50 countries without a visa.

The Henley Passport Index is the original, authoritative ranking of all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa. The index is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) – the largest, most accurate travel information database – and enhanced by Henley & Partners’ research team. Expert insights regarding the latest ranking are available in the Global Mobility Report 2022 Q1.



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