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Man finds a giant spider in his Wrocław flat

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Huge spider found in a flat
EkostrażHuge spider found in a flat

It must have been a terrifying evening for a resident of Wrocław. On the wall in his flat, the man saw a giant spider from Theraphosidae family. He called Ekostraż association for help. The volunteers took care of the animal and are now looking for its owner.

Ekostraż in Wrocław received a call on Tuesday evening. One of the residents of Ołbin district found a giant spider on the wall inside his flat.

"Rarely do we come across such animals, but we never refuse to help. The volunteers went to address. It was indeed a very big, hairy specimen. As it turned out it was quite aggressive when we tried to catch it. It took some time before we managed to do it," said Anna Chrobot from Ekostraż.

It wasn't easy to catch the spiderEkostraż

Search for the owner

Most likely it is Nhandu chromatus, Brazilian red and white species native to Brazil. Although venomous, experts say their venom is not too powerful, similar to that of bees. The specimen found at Daszyńskiego street is male. It was probably wandering around for some longer time.

"My friend who knows about spiders saw photos of this spider and wrote that most likely it hasn't eaten too much for a few days, as the size of its abdomen seems to suggest. You can also see judging on its behaviour that it's hungry. It's very keen to eat at our asylum," Chrobot said.

The volunteers are waiting for its owner. They hope someone may still be looking for it.

The spider has been placed in Ekostraż asylumEkostraż


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