Man attacked his pregnant wife with an axe. The baby died

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In Lisów near Radom, a soldier attacked his 8-months-pregnant wife with an axe - the investigators said. The woman in serious condition was taken to a hospital. The baby died.

WATCH THE FULL EDITION OF TVN24'S NEWS IN ENGLISH AT TVN24 GOThe information about the tragic incident was confirmed on Thursday by the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. The tragedy took place on Wednesday evening."In one of the houses, a 34-year-old standing army soldier attacked his 8-months-pregnant wife with an axe," said Łukasz Łapczyński, the spokesperson for the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw.He added that right after the incident, the man had gone to his neighbour and told her about what happened. It was her who called the police.

"Baby couldn't be saved"

The soldier's wife was taken to a hospital in Radom. "She's in a critical condition, her life is in danger. Despite doctors' attemtps, the baby couldn't be saved," Łapczyński informed."The woman underwent at least one surgery, her condition is still very serious. She was hit several times with an axe in the head, but also in other upper body parts. The prosecutors did not inform about blows to the abdomen," TVN24 reporter Karolina Wasilewska informed.The investigators did not yet reveal what might have caused the incident. "A number of possibilities are examined. Among them, family relations. The prosecutors are also checking the man's professional career," Wasilewska added.The police officers who arrived at the scene arrested the 34-year-old. "The alcohol content test proved he was sober. The man's blood samples were secured for further examination into possible intoxicants," Łapczyński explained.

Man was detained

The police operations were conducted under supervision of military affairs prosecutor.Łapczyński said that after being detained the soldier was transported to Warsaw. After all necessary evidence have been collected, the man will hear charges. TVN24 reporter learned that most likely the man will be charged with attempted murder. The investigators must decide how to classify the death of the baby. The highest punishment for attempted murder, as well as murder, is life-imprisonment.

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