Judiciary council wants judge Dudzicz to "consider his role" in the KRS

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The KRS expects judge Dudzicz to consider his role as the Council's member (video from September 17)TVN24 News in English
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Presidium of the National Council of the Judiciary (KRS) will call upon judge Jarosław Dudzicz to resign from his duties as a member of the Council - said the chairman of the KRS, Leszek Mazur on Tuesday. The decision comes as a reaction to anti-Semitic internet posts allegedly posted by Dudzicz.


A four-day KRS session commenced on Tuesday. The day before, at a meeting of the Council Presidium, a resolution had been adopted to call upon judge Dudzicz to resign from his duties as KRS member. Judge Mazur explained that the decision is a reaction to anti-Semitic internet posts allegedly posted by Dudzicz.

Mazur also informed that a team led by judge Jędrzej Kondek will present a statement regarding its findings on the so-called smear campaign in the Ministry of Justice. "The team is finishing analysing source materials in that regard and will begin to work on a statement, which will be presented before the Council most likely on Thursday," judge Mazur added.

On September 12, Gazeta Wyborcza daily wrote that the deputy spokesperson for the National Council of the Judiciary (KRS) is said to have been anonymously posting anti-Semitic comments in the internet. "Despicable, filthy nation, they deserve nothing" - such post on the Jewish nation was posted, according to the daily, by an anonymous user "jorry123".

"GW" also wrote that the prosecutors "determined that "jorry123" was Jarosław Dudzicz, at the time still judge of the Regional Court in Słubice".

The National Public Prosecutor's Office informed that an inquiry regarding judge Dudzicz's posts was launched, and an expertise was ordered.

The spokesman for the KRS, judge Maciej Mitera, told TVN24 on Tuesday that judge Dudzicz would remain in the Council "as there are no legal procedures regulating dismissing KRS members".

"We will ask him to think this through and consider his active role, and possibly to refrain from his duties. There are no sanctions in case he wouldn't listen to our appeal, but we're expecting reflection on his part," Mitera added.

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