Government hopes workplace vaccinations will be launched in May

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Registration for businesses wanting to vaccinate employees will be launched on May 4 - chief of PM's office Michał Dworczyk said on Monday. The only condition will be at least 300 willing employees, or employees along with their family members.

"This will be an important channel of vaccinations. Businesses will organise vaccinations for their employees. In recent days we've been consulting and working out the final set of rules that would govern the process involving employers" - Poland's chief vaccinations coordinator and PM's top aide Michał Dworczyk said at a conference on Monday.

He added these rules would be published at the government's website later that day.

"The minimum threshold to take part in the programme is listing at least 300 employees, or employees together with their family members, willing to get vaccinated" - Dworczyk said.

An application form is to be published at the Government Security Centre website on May 4. "With this form employers will be able to submit their participation" - said the minister and added the submission order would be a decisive criterion.

No particular date has been given so far as regards to the launching of the workplace vaccinations.

"At the moment we're unable to provide a precise date for vaccinations, or even a pilot programme at workplaces (...). We must wait for until the situation with (vaccine) deliveries to Poland has returned to normal" - said the PM's aide.

"Nevertheless, we're launching the registration already on May 4, as it always takes time for employers to come to terms with medical services provider that would carry out the vaccinations" - he added.

He explained the plan was to "have the whole system ready once the vaccines are delivered".

He also stressed the government was certain the workplace vaccinations would be launched in May.

Poland reported 3,451 newly confirmed coronavirus infections and 22 COVID deaths on Monday, April 26.

Since the start of the pandemic the country has reported 2,762,323 infection cases and 65,437 deaths.


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