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Government plans to approve "Polish Deal" in early autumn

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PM Morawiecki announced the "Polish Deal"
PM Morawiecki announced the "Polish Deal"TVN24
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TVN24PM Morawiecki announced the "Polish Deal"

We would like the Council of Ministers to approve the final version of tax reform under the "Polish Deal" in early fall - the spokesperson for the government Piotr Müller said on Thursday. He added that works over particular projects were in "advanced stages".

The government spokesperson Piotr Müller said on Thursday that works over tax reform and preparation of particular projects under the "Polish Deal" economic plan were in "advanced stages". "We would like the cabinet to approve the final version in early fall, so that the changes could become effective starting January 1, 2022" - he explained.

He stipulated that the new projects would first undergo a series of consultations and negotiations, and that process could begin already before summer vacations. "We would like to lower the taxes as soon as possible" - Müller said and added that such move would increase health care spending.

According to Müller, Poland's current legal system "actually allows a situation in which people earning less pay more than those earning much, much more".

"Since its conception, the tax system created by the Third Polish Republic had plenty of flaws as regards to unequal burdening of various social groups" - the spokesman said. "Therefore, with the 'Polish Deal' we would like introduce tax reform that will benefit 18 million Poles" - he said.

In Müller's view, "for 90 percent of people this reform will be either neutral or beneficial".

As an example, he mentioned lesser tax burden that would be a result of "nearly a tenfold increase in the tax-free threshold".

"It also means gains for 90 percent of pensioners and people on benefits, 60 percent of pensioners will not pay tax at all" - Piotr Müller said.


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