A pigeon in distress saved by brave firefighters

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Firefighters saved the troubled pigeonLublin Fire Service
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Lublin Fire ServiceFirefighters saved the troubled pigeon

A local resident noticed a pigeon in distress. The bird was sitting in a tree, some 16 metres above the ground, and was trapped in a plastic bag. Luckily for the pigeon, Lublin firefighters came to the rescue.

"Most likely the wind blew the bag up the tree, and the bird was just unlucky" - said Andrzej Szacoń of Lublin Fire Service.

On Monday (March 29), the firefighters were called on a rather unusual mission.

A pigeon trapped in a plastic bag was sitting in a tree some 16 metres above the ground.

"The firefighters used the aerial ladder to untangle the bird and set him free" - Andrzej Szacoń added.

The firefighters used the aerial ladder to get to the pigeonLublin Fire Service


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