Firefighters rescue two little cranes whose nest drifted away

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Two little cranes rescued by firefightersOSP Poniec
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OSP PoniecTwo little cranes rescued by firefighters

Heavy rainfall caused the water level rise in a local pond in Żytowiecko (Greater Poland province). The water reached a nest with two little crane chicks inside and took it away. The two little birds were rescued by firefighters from Gostyń and Poniec.

The intervention took place in Żytowiecko on Monday (May 3) after 3 p.m. Two little crane nestlings were trapped in the middle of a local pond. Apparently, their nest was taken by high water after recent heavy rainfall.

Firefighters saved the little cranesOSP Poniec

"According to the report, a nest with two chicks floated away some 30 metres from the shore" - said Marcin Nyczka from State Fire Service station in Gostyń.

Firefighters from Gostyń and volunteer firemen from Poniec were dispatched to the scene.

The rescued nestlingsOSP Poniec

"The firemen took the boat and pulled the nestlings and their home out of the water" - Nyczka said.

The two little cranes and their nest were brought back to the shore. After consulting local biologists, the firefighters decided to leave the little birds next to the pond. It was the right thing to do - moments after they were found by the adult cranes.

The whole operation took the firefighters around 2 hours.

The little cranes were taken ashoreOSP Poniec


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