Wedding in a COVID ward. The groom leaves hospital after 3 weeks

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The groom had heavy symptoms of COVID-19, and so the couple were determined to get married as soon as possible. And so they did at a hospital in Gdańsk. Now, after three weeks, the groom has recovered and left the ward.

Spokesperson for Szpitale Gdańskie Małgorzata Pisarewicz informed that the groom left the hospital on Monday. "We have great news for You, as today the Groom has left the walls of the Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdańsk and gone home. We're happy the Married Couple can be together again" - she wrote in a Facebook post.

Pisarewicz was also the one to inform about the wedding itself, however, the couple asked to keep their identity undisclosed. The ceremony took place on the weekend of March 20/21 at a COVID ward in the hospital at Smoluchowskiego street in Gdańsk. After the wedding, the spokesperson passed on the bride's words of gratitude to the hospital management for help and allowing the ceremony to happen.

"I personally, and also on behalf of my now husband, would like thank from the bottom of my heart to the Chairwoman, as well as the whole Board for allowing us to get married (...) Due to my husband's serious condition, we were determined to do it as soon as possible. We're even more grateful that it happened so quickly" - the bride wrote.

The hospital staff also got involved in the ceremony. They decorated the room with inflated single-use gloves which served as balloons. One of the nurses served as a witness, while another one was taking pictures.


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