City of Łódź has a new suspension bridge. For squirrels

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Squirrels in Łódź now have their own suspension bridge
Squirrels in Łódź now have their own suspension bridgeCity Greenery Authority in Łódź
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City Greenery Authority in ŁódźSquirrels in Łódź now have their own suspension bridge

It's nearly 20 metres long and stretches between two trees above the street. Thanks to it, less squirrels from the Łagiewnicki Forest will be ran over by cars. "It's probably the first such structure in Poland" - Łódź City Hall officials boast.

The bridge is made of rolled net. The transparent tunnel has been stretched between two trees. The suspension bridge for squirrels spans high above the road, so the animals can safely steer clear of the cars driving along Okólna street.

"They're in constant movement, seeking food, shelter and mating partners. Unfortunately, they often die under the wheels. We decided we needed to do something and find a safe way for them to cross the streets" - said the director of City Greenery Authority Małgorzata Kryzińska.

City Greenery employees say they will carefully watch the bridge, and if the squirrels actually will actually using it, more such structures will appear in the city.

In order to acquaint the squirrel with the new city investment, a special nut dispenser was installed.

The bridge spans above Okólna street in ŁódźCity Greenery Authority in Łódź

It can store 1,5 kilogrammes of food. Squirrels like walnuts and hazelnuts the most. We hope that, attracted by the treat, they will be using the bridge" - said Kamil Polański, the chief of the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center.

At the moment a few young squirrels, whose parents died, are growing up at the center. The little ones were still blind and dependent on others. When they grow up, they'll return to nature.

"Each year we record more and more incidents involving wild animals in Łódź. In 2020, we took in over 2,300 animals, including 800 young ones that required care and attention. We managed to heal and release to nature nearly 1,000 of them" - Polański said.

"Apart from the practical dimension, the bridges also have an educational function. We want the drivers to take their feet off the gas, slow down and observe what happens in the forest they're driving through. The animals are at home here and it's normal they appear on the road" - Kryzińska said.


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