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11-year-old alerts police about a baby at risk of falling out of the window

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TVN24 ŁódźThe baby was standing on a windowsill at the fourth floor

An 11-year-old boy ran towards police officers tending to a road accident nearby Polna street in Sieradz (Łódzkie province) and told them there was a little baby in a window at the fourth floor ready to fall down. "Thanks to this boy's watchfulness a tragedy was prevented," said a spokesperson for Sieradz police.

An 11-year-old boy was walking next to a block of flats at Polna street in Sieradz, when he noticed objects falling down from a window. He looked up and saw a little boy at the fourth floor, who was throwing things out the window for fun. The teenager quickly rushed towards a police car parked nearby.

"Police officers were working at the scene of a road collision. They immediately ran towards the building the boy pointed," said Agnieszka Kulawiecka from Sieradz police.

The officers stopped where the objects were being thrown out from the fourth floor. "They started talking to the boy standing on the windowsill and told him to go back to the room. One officer dashed upstairs to the flat. The other waited down to try to break the boy's fall if necessary," the spokesperson said.

Climbed over the furniture

At the door, the police officer who ran upstairs was greeted by a surprised 30-year-old mother of the boy. Next to her, stood her two sons, including the one who had stood on the windowsill moment before. "The mother was sober. She was looking after her kids that day, but went to the kitchen for a moment with the older," officer Kulawiecka said.

The younger, 4-year-old, boy took the occasion to climb onto the windowsill over the furniture standing next to the window. "It appears that the boy opened the window himself, and then, for fun, went on to throwing out object that were within his reach," the spokesperson explained.

She underscored a tragedy was prevented thanks to the local 11-year-old boy's very swift reaction. "If it wasn't for him, a tragedy could happen. And I would like to thank him for this," the police officer said.


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