Alert for Warsaw. Flood wave on Vistula river is moving through Masovia

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The flood wave on Vistula already passed through southern Poland and caused some floodingsFakty TVN
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The Government Centre for Security (RCB) on Monday issued warnings against the rising flood wave on Vistula river, for Warsaw and Płock, as well as for the following counties: Garwolin, Otwock, Piaseczno, Grójec, Warsaw West, Legionowo, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Sochaczew, Płock and Płońsk.

The head of the RCB decided to send out text messages (the so-called RCB alert) with warnings to residents of the counties at risk of flooding.

In those messages, the RCB cautions residents to stay clear of river areas.

The wave is expected to pass through Warsaw on Tuesday between 6 am and 6 pm. The embankments will be closed.

The river and the shores are under constant surveillance by the city and uniformed services.

"It's essential to prepare much earlier. In the last few days, we've taken measures aimed at securing barges and boats, in order to avoid any accidents on Vistula river," said Sylwester Marczak from Warsaw Police.

"We are also calling for additional resources from other precinct, such as Nieporęt, where there's no flood danger," added Marczak. He added that more units were patrolling the river.

He also stressed that water level will be rising, so that people should remain very cautious when on beaches. "Water carries along many dangers, we're talking strong currents, whirlpools and all the things it brings along, it can be literally anything. It's best to stay clear from the river and beaches, as the water will be rising," he warned.

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