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Warsaw hospital asked to release abortions register to authorities

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Rozmowa Magdy Łucyan z ordynatorem ginekologii w Szpitalu BIelańskim
Rozmowa Magdy Łucyan z ordynatorem ginekologii w Szpitalu BIelańskimTVN24
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TVN24Polish authorities ask Warsaw hospital to show its abortions register

An inspection at Bielański Hospital in Warsaw is to take place in December. Voivedeship obstetrics and gynaecology consultant has asked the facility to provide its register of preganacy terminations, rejected abortion requests, and stillbirths. Health Ministry says the it's "a standard, routine control, not related to any particular medical case".

"Fakty" TVN reporter Magda Łucyan has learned that Masovian Voivodeship obstetrics and gyneacology consultant Bronisława Pietrzak plans an inspection at Bielański Hospital in Warsaw. She has asked the hospital to provide her with the register of gyneacological surgeries, pregancy terminations and rejected abortion requests, as well as full-term and premature births, and stillbirths and miscarriages. The control is to take place on December 20 and focus on documentation from June to December, 2021.

Head of gyneacology ward: we don't need a disciplinary whip here

"This a way to affect our activities. We are doctors helping women, we work in accordance with specific medical knowledge, and we follow the law in everything we do. In line with the law, we terminate pregancies if medical assessment requires so. This inspection of our activities is meant to affect the way we work, as there is no other reason to verify if what we do is done in line with medical knowledge. We don't need this disciplinary whip in here," Head of gynaecology ward at Bielański Hospital Łukasz Wicherek told Magda Łucyan.

He added that the inspection could undermine the hospital's authority, and "it doesn't make us work better, only makes us feel concerned".

Wicherek also stresses that this situation negatively affects the quality of service offered by the facility. "Helping patients is a team work - involving many doctors, nurses, and midwives - and by introducing such measures disorganises our work, which negatively affects the level of our service," he said.

Health ministry: please don't attach negative meaning to this inspection

The reporter also contacted Bronisława Pietrzak. Asked about the planned control, the consultant said: "how dare you call me, it's a scandal!", and hung up.

The Ministry of Health, on the other hand, reassures this is to be "a standard, routine control, not related to any particular medical case". "The inspection has not been requested by any institution, including Health Ministry. We ask to not attach pejorative meaning to this inspection, and to not stir extreme emotions, which should not have anything to do with this control," the ministry said.

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