Police help a man and his cat to escape from burning house

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Google EarthThe dangerous incident took place in Białystok

A man in the city of Białystok could not find his way out of a burning building. He was holding his cat in his hands as he was trying to save the animal. Luckily, brave police officers came to the rescue.

The dramatic scenes happened on Sunday (March 21) in one of the wood and brick houses at Młynowa street in Białystok, where a fire broke out at 3 a.m. Local resident called the fire service and said the house was on fire and some of its residents managed to escape.

"The first to appear at the scene were two police officers who saw 7 people in front of the burning building. Two families lived in the house. One of those people said a man was still inside in the attic because he was looking for his cat. The officers immediately entered the burning building" - said Katarzyna Zarzecka of Białystok Police.

The two brave police officers who entered the burning houseBiałystok Police

"The officers found the man holding his cat in the attic filled with smoke" - she added.

The man was staggering and had trouble breathing. "The officers helped him and his cat to get outside" - Zarzecka said.

Five fire brigades were fighting the flames. The fire spread over two rooms downstairs and part of the attic. Firemen took 4 gas bottles filled with propane-butane out of the house. It was not clear at the time what had caused the fire.


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