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Police deliver man's nose to hospital after it was bit off by a dog

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Warsaw PolicePolice officers delivered the nose to the hospital

A German shepherd-like dog attacked a man in Sulejówek and bit off his nose. The man was taken to a hospital, but the nose was left was at home. His friend was supposed to bring it to a hospital, but he got stuck in traffic. Police officers from Warsaw's Wawer district came to the rescue.

The injured man was taken to the hospital at Szaserów Street in Warsaw, but unfortunately his nose remained at his home in Sulejówek. A friend of the bitten man decided to pick up the nose and deliver it to the hospital, but it was the rush hour and he got stuck in traffic on a very busy road. When he spotted a patrol car, he asked the officers for help.

They picked up and delivered the nose on blue lights

Police officers from Warsaw's Wawer district were tending to a road collision, but immediately decided to help the man deliver the nose. "They reacted immediately, handed the traffic accident over to colleagues from the road police. and along with the man went to Sulejówek to pick up he missing organ," said Joanna Węgrzyniak from Praga Południe Police.

They switched on blue lights and rushed to Sulejówek, took the nose, placed in a bowl of water, and delivered it to the hospital. The doctors managed to reattach the missing part to the man's face, but he will still have to wait to see if the surgery turns out fully successful.

Thanks "on behalf of the nose's owner"

The man's friend thanked the officers for help. "Thanks to them, 25 minutes later I'm back at the hospital. With the nose. On behalf of the nose's owner I thank You very much," he wrote on Facebook.

"Sergeant Marek Głowacki and Constable Michał Szczepanowski have done a really great job! Gentlemen, congratulations!" - the police said in an official statement.


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