Air ambulance medic blinded with laser. Police are looking for the perpetrator

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Someone pointed a laser pen at an air ambulance. The doctor lost vision in one eye (video from September 23)TVN24 News in English
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Police Department in Stare Babice near Warsaw, under the supervision of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Pruszków, has launched an investigation into the blinding of an air ambulance crew member with a laser pen. "The police officers are looking for the perpetrator," the deputy regional prosecutor, Andrzej Zwoliński informed on Friday.


Prosecutor Zwoliński explained that the investigation is being led into causing danger of catastrophy. "Whoever causes danger of road, water or air traffic catastrophy, may be punished with 6 months to 8 years in prison," he said. The prosecutor's office has ordered the police from Stare Babice to look for the perpetrator.

The incident took place on September 15. The Polish Medical Air (LPR) Rescue helicopter was called in late evening hours to A2 highway nearby Grodzisk Mazowiecki. A serious accident happened there, involving many cars. It turned out that all injured persons, except for one who refused to be taken, did not require air transport.

"When we were returning to the base, nearby Stare Babice, I got his in the eye. The beam came through the side window. I immediately told the pilot. A moment after, the beam hit me in the eyes again," Doctor Mariusz Mioduski from the LPR crew said. He stressed that the laser had been aimed at the helicopter for most of the time until landing.

"Luckily, the laser did not blind the pilot. It's not hard to imagine what could have happened. If the pilot lost control of the machine, we would have fell straight on the houses we were flying above," Mioduski added. The doctor had his left eye impaired. His right eye vision also suffered. He stressed that, in such condition, he wouldn't be able to help anyone who would have been on board of the helicopter.

The crew captain immediately called the police. He indicated the place where the person with the laser might have stood.

Doctor Mioduski revealed that it wasn't the first time when someone had pointed the laser at the LPR helicopter. "We had about 10 such cases in the last 3 years," he said and added that such incidents occur, most likely, nearby hospital helipad.

The medic still has no vision in one eye. The other is interrupted by flashes. He is under care of specialists.

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