PM's aide: Poles' confidence in AstraZeneca vaccine returns

TVN24 News in English, Reuters, PAP

Over a million Poles have registered to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot in the last 24 hours, the Polish prime minister's top aide said on Tuesday, in what he said was a sign that confidence in the jab was returning.

"The last 24 hours are proof that confidence in the AstraZeneca vaccine is returning, since yesterday in the space of 24 hours more than a million people have signed up to be vaccinated," Michał Dworczyk told a news conference.

He added that the interest is so high that some vaccination points struggle to schedule all appointments.

"Most likely on Friday we will announce new rules for vaccinations in the second quarter. We want to introduce changes that will make the system more efficient" - Mr Dworczyk informed. "I think it's possible to complete the first stage of vaccinations by the end of May."

He also said that approximately 600,000 people over 70 years of age are yet to be vaccinated.

Asked about the Johnson&Johnson vaccine, Michał Dworczyk said that they should arrive in Poland in May. "Not so long ago the company said the vaccines could be delivered even in April, but we didn't receive any official document that would guarantee it" - he said.


Źródło: TVN24 News in English, Reuters, PAP

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