Poles compete to be crowned fastest donut eater before start of Lent

Eight hungry residents from Poland's Krakow took part in a donut speed eating contest on Thursday as part so-called 'Fat Thursday' celebrations.

Fat Thursday is the traditional Christian feast before the Lenten period in Poland, similar to Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras in other countries.

Confectioneries across the country bake thousands of donuts, with a variety of fillings, ready to be consumed throughout the day, including at Hawelka cafe in Kraków where they host speed-eating contest every year

Hawełka makes their donuts with the traditional filling: rosehip jam. Bakery owner Zbigniew Hanziak said donuts with this customary filling are extremely successful with their customers.

Kraków resident Katarzyna Skiba was among those waiting to get a box of donuts to take back to her hungry colleagues.

The eating contest was won by five-time winner, Jerzy Zalewski, who managed to eat eight donuts in the alloted five minutes.

However he fell short of his record of 13 donuts. Zalewski said age is slowing him down, despite his very sweet tooth.

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