"Benefits outweigh risks". Vaccinations with J&J shots begin

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Poland started administering Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shots on Thursday as benefits from the vaccine outweigh potential risks, government and drug office representatives said.

U.S. federal health agencies on Tuesday recommended pausing use of Johnson & Johnson's vaccine for at least a few days after six women under age 50 developed rare blood clots after receiving the shot, dealing a fresh setback to efforts to tackle the pandemic.

"In the case of Johnson & Johnson today is the first day it has been used. We have not received signals that there are problems, or that patient are refusing (to take it)," Michał Dworczyk, a government official overseeing the country's vaccine programme told a press conference.

The head of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products Grzegorz Cessak told the conference that benefits from the J&J vaccine outweigh potential risks.

Dworczyk also said the first drive-thru vaccination points have been opened, and that 16 pilot general points would be opened on Monday. "For starters, 16 points in total, 1 per each region" - he said and added that the first one would be launched in Legnica, in Dolnośląskie province.

Asked about vaccinations in pharmacies, he said they would be available in the second half of May. "I hope a legislation will be passed that would regulate this issue" - he said.

Michał Dworczyk also informed that 8,2 million doses of vaccine have been administered so far, and that 820,000 people have registered for vaccination since the start of this week.

On Thursday, the ministry reported 21,130 new infections and 682 deaths of COVID patients.


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