Summary and strategy. Law and Justice convention set for 5-7 July in Katowice


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Law and Justice (PiS) party platform conference will take place between 5-7 July in Katowice; on the agenda there are discussions that will sum up government's performance so far, as well as over 50 expert debates - Polish Press Agency (PAP) unofficially learned from sources close to the party.


The PiS spokesperson Anita Czerwińska informed in the middle of June that the conference was being planned. She informed that there will be "no vacation" for the party members. "We will focus only on hard work and that's what we agreed upon," CZerwińska said at the time.

As PAP unofficially learned, the programme conference will start on Friday, July 5 and last until Sunday, July 7.

"The next thing on the horizon for the electoral staff is the PiS platform conference that is scheduled for 5-7 July in Katowice. At the conference, there will be two main conferences summing up our performance and setting up strategies for the future. These will be focused around the work of particular ministries," one of the party members told PAP.

"Furthermore, according to the source, apart from the summary of the work done so far, over 50 discussion panels are to take place on the side. They are to be dominated by discussions between experts from various circles.

"This will be a huge event that will highlight our potential and boost the political scene for weeks to come. Brainstorm between experts will, in turn, serve as an inspiration for further activities of PiS politicians," the source close to the party told PAP.

In the middle of June PiS Political Committee appointed former interior minister and current MEP, Joachim Brudziński as the chief of the party's electoral staff and MEP Tomasz Poręba as his deputy. Furthermore, former PM and current MEP, Beata Szydło was chosen the head of the electoral staff council. Decisions of the Political Committee were presented to PiS MPs during the away session of the club. According to unofficial information, Jarosław Kaczyński is to have promised that most of the current MPs would find their names on the lists before parliamentary election in the fall.

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