Final election results. PiS wins lower house majority but loses the Senate

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Five nationwide committees have won seats in the lower house of Polish parliamentReuters TV
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Five committees have passed the minimum threshold of votes to enter the Sejm (lower house of parliament): Law and Justice, Civic Coalition, the Left, Polish People's Party and Confederation. German Minority will also participate in the seat distribution - the National Electoral Commission informed on Monday, announcing the final results of the parlimentary vote. The ruling Law and Justice party has lost the majority in the Senate (upper house) to the opposition parties united under the so-called Senate pact.


Record turnout

The chairman of the National Electoral Commission (PKW), Wiesław Kozielewicz, said that in Sunday's elections to the Sejm, a total of 18.678.457 valid votes were cast on all candidates from all commitees.

Therefore, the turnout was 61.74 percent - the highest voter turnout in 30 years.

The previous record voter turnout in fully free elections was recorded in parliamentary vote in 2007 - 53.88 percent.

In Sunday's vote, there were also 207.747 invalid votes - 1.11 percent.

Seat distribution

Results for the Sejm: Law and Justice - 43,59 percent (8.051.935 votes); Civic Coalition - 27,40 percent (5.060.355 votes); the Left - 12,56 percent (2.319.946 votes); Polish People's Party - 8,55 percent (1.578.523 votes); Confederation - 6,81 percent (1.256.953 votes).

Law and Justice has won 235 seats in the 640-seat lower house of parliament, which is the absolute majority. Civic Coalition has won 134 seats, the Left - 49, Polish People's Party - 30, Confederation - 11, and German Minority - 1.

The remaining committees did not pass the 5-percent minimum threshold.

Non-Partisan Local Governors won 144.773 votes, which is 0.78 percent of all votes cast in election.

German Minority - 32.094 votes - 0.17 percent.

Piotr Liroy-Marzec's Effectuals - 18.918 votes - 0.10 percent.

Action of Disappointed Pensioners - 5.448 votes - 0.03 percent.

The Right - 1.765 votes - 0.01 percent.

PiS loses the Senate

According to the final results announced by the PKW, the opposition will have the majority in the Senate. Civic Coalition candidates have won 43 seats in the upper house, Polish People's Party - 3, and the Left - 2. Candidates supporting the opposition but running as unaffilited have won 3 seats.

Candidates from Law and Justice list have won 48 seats. One seat was won by Lidia Staroń who hadn't have a competitor from Law and Justice.

The list of all senators elected for the 2019-2023 term.

The Senate plays a very important role in the Polish legislative system, among other things, it has the legislative initiative, issues opinions on all bills passed by the lower house, and makes decisions regarding appointing and dismissing numerous state institutions.

Below is the list of all MPs elected for the 2019-2023 term.

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