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PM Morawiecki: epidemic has not been defeated yet

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"We want to avoid risk and propose solutions that will prevent high increase in infections" - Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a conference on Tuesday. In his view, not enough people have been vaccinated yet to stop infection spread before autumn". Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said "the danger of coronavirus infections spike is still real".

The ministry of health informed on Tuesday about 123 newly confirmed coronavirus infection cases and the death of 26 COVID patients. Since the start of the pandemic the country reported 2,879,811 cases and 75,005 deaths.

At a press conference on Tuesday, PM Morawiecki spoke about "risks that may occur in the autumn" as part of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. "We want to avoid those risk and propose solutions that will prevent high increase in infections. That's what we're worried about in the autumn" - he said.

The head of Polish government said that for the first time in over a year not a single death had been reported on Monday. "Such a symbolic day that we've been waiting for over 13 months, but nevertheless we must cool down the optimism arising from this fact" - he said.

Commenting on the number of vaccinations carried out in Poland, Morawiecki said it was still too low to "effectively break the chain of infections in the autumn". "Please be aware that we haven't won this epidemic battle yet, and we must convince as many Poles as possible to get vaccinated" - he said. "This is an extremely important issue as it would allow us to better manage the future that lies ahead" - he added.

Morawiecki also promised that Poles would soon see improvement in health care. As one of the changes he mentioned lifting limits on access to specialists. "Starting July 1 we lift all limits in access to specialty doctors and this will become a standard. We will be trying to end queues, to shorten them at least for starters" - the prime minister said.

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said recovery of the economy and public health, including preventive healthcare for people over 40 and full access to specialists, should be well looked after.

"The danger of coronavirus infections spike is still real, even though we're in a relatively comfortable situation, as the number of infections is lower than 100 on some days" - Niedzielski said. He pointed at the situation in the UK, Portugal or Israel, which have plenty of new infections despite a fast vaccination process.

"We need to be careful, we need to ready to act in case of infection spikes" - said the minister. "And we will be" - he added.


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