President Duda: Biden's visit a symbol of support and care for mutual relations and safety of Poland

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Całe przemówienie Andrzeja Dudy na spotkaniu z Joe Bidenem i przedstawicielami organizacji pozarządowych
Całe przemówienie Andrzeja Dudy na spotkaniu z Joe Bidenem i przedstawicielami organizacji pozarządowychTVN24
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TVN24Full speech by President Andrzej Duda from a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden and representatives of NGOs

Presidents Joe Biden and Andrzej Duda on Friday met with NGO representatives which are involved in supporting refugees from Ukraine. Duda underscored that Biden's visit to Poland was "a huge symbol of support and care for mutual relations, as well as for the safety of Poland".

In his speech after meeting with Joe Biden and NGO representatives, president Duda stressed that out of 3.5 million refugees who have fled war in Ukraine, more than 2 million have found shelter in Poland. "These numbers are still rising and everything seems to suggest that if Russian aggression continues, they will keep on rising further" - he said.

Duda also underscored the scale of the refugees influx. "We haven't experienced anything like this so far," he added.

The president also thanked the NGOs, volunteers, uniformed services, as well as other organisations and chuches of many denominations for their effort in helping the refugees. "Huge support is also coming from abroad, for which we are very grateful. It's an enourmous challenge, in our view a challenge for the whole free world, which we all must rise up to," Duda said.

He also thanked Biden and asked him to send his and his wife Agata's best wishes to the First Lady Jill Biden.

Polish president underscored the scale and importance of the support offered to refugees also by private citizens. "I would also like to thank all my compatriots who have opened their hearts and their homes to refugees, to our neighbours and brothers from Ukraine, who today have found themselves in difficult situation and extreme need, and whom we all want to help," he said.

He stressed that refugees often arrive without any belongings "because they had to run away from bombs". "The situation is difficult. We are extremely grateful for all help, because it's very necessary," Duda said.


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