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Andrzej Duda announced his bid in May 10 presidential vote

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Andrzej Duda and his rivals in presidential run
Andrzej Duda and his rivals in presidential run
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Andrzej Duda and his rivals in presidential run

I will run in upcoming presidential election - President Andrzej Duda announced on Wednesday at a meeting with the residents of Lubartów, Lublin Voivodeship.

"I strongly care to keep the development of Poland, that's been going on so well in recent years, to keep it going further. I would also like the current government, that in my opinion very skillfully governs Poland (...), to continue the mission it's been entrusted to carry out, and to prepare good legislation that would be accepted by the president, as we share the same programme" - President Duda said.

On Wednesday afternoon, the lower house (the Sejm) speaker announced that presidential election would take place on May 10. According to the law, the presidential run-off - if needed - would be held two weeks later, on May 24.

"Fundamental issue"

"There are many important things do ahead of us. It's necessary to wisely and appropriately finish the reform of the justice system - this is a fundamental issue" - Mr Duda said. The crowd reacted to these words by shouting: "Thank you, thank you".

"My great desire, ladies and gentlemen, is Poland whose citizens, Poles, call a just state, just in every respect. It's extremely important for this sense of justice to be widespread. Being treated justly by state authorities" - the president said. He added that the state authorities must care about the people.


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