KRS ethics committee to investigate alleged anti-Semitic comments by judge Dudzicz

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The new KRS will look into judge Jarosław Dudzicz's alleged anti-Semitic commentsTVN24 News in English
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The presidium of the National Council of the Judiciary (KRS) has ordered the ethics committee to carry out an internal investigation regarding anti-Semitic internet comments allegedly posted by judge Jarosław Dudzicz - the spokesman for the KRS, judge Maciej Mitera, said on Monday.


Mitera said that judge Dudzicz had sent his statement to the KRS in which he informed about suspending his activities as deputy spokesman for the Council. On Thursday (September 12), Gazeta Wyborcza daily wrote that the deputy spokesperson for the National Council of the Judiciary (KRS) is said to have been anonymously posting anti-Semitic comments in the internet. "Despicable, filthy nation, they deserve nothing" - such post on the Jewish nation was posted, according to the daily, by an anonymous user "jorry123". "GW" also wrote that the prosecutors "determined that "jorry123" was Jarosław Dudzicz, at the time still judge of the Regional Court in Słubice". The National Public Prosecutor's Office informed that an inquiry regarding judge Dudzicz's posts was launched, and an expertise was ordered.

On Monday, the KRS presidium met to discuss the agenda of the Council's session planned to begin on Tuesday. After the meeting, judge Maciej Mitera informed that the presidium had ordered the ethics committee to carry out an internal investigation regarding anti-Semitic internet comments allegedly posted by judge Dudzicz. Mitera also informed that judge Dudzicz had also given his statement regarding internet comments he is said to have posted.

"With regard to press revelations regarding my alleged participation in an internet discussion, which, as it was portrayed, might bear characteristics of anti-Semitism, I would like to express vehement protest and regret. Taking into consideration the KRS' reputation, I shall not speak on its behalf as deputy spokesman until this case is resolved, and will suspend all my activity in that field," Dudzicz wrote.

He also announced that he would take all legal steps to protect his good name infringed upon be the media.

Judge Mitera also said that the presiudium had ordered recommended solutions to be presented at the KRS session starting Tuesday.

According to information passed by judge Mitera, the KRS presidium also obligated the Council's chairman Leszek Mazur to request the National Public Prosecutor's Office to provide information from the inquiry regarding anti-Semitic comments in the internet, particularly regarding Dudzicz's involvement.

The chairman of the KRS, judge Leszek Mazur, told PAP on Thursday that anti-Semitic posts judge Dudzicz is said to have posted were very concerning and violating the judicial ethics. Judge Mazur said at the time the KRS would expect explanation from Dudzicz.

With regard to the information about judge Dudzicz's alleged comments, the disciplinary spokesman for the common courts launched an inquiry on Monday.

"With deepest sadness, concern and outrage have we read press information about anti-Semitic comment by judge Jarosław Dudzicz. Admittedly, this comment was posted a few years back, but obviously the issue is still valid," the Israeli Embassy wrote on Friday in a statement sent to Polish Press Agency (PAP) by embassy's spokesman Michał Sobelman. In response to "GW" publication, Civic Platform MPs: Borys Budka and Mariusz Witczak have demanded from the minister of justice to recall judge Dudzicz from all function at the ministry.

According to the media, judge Dudzicz is said to have been involved in the hate campaign scandal in the Ministry of Justice. In August, portal wrote that the then deputy justice minister Łukasz Piebiak was in contact with a woman named Emilia, who is believed to have been responsible for discrediting of some judges. Deputy minister is said to have known about Emilia's actions. Onet also wrote that among others involved in the smear campaign there were: Maciej Nawacki, Jarosław Dudzicz, Supreme Court justice Konrad Wytrykowski and judge delegate to the justice ministry Jakub Iwaniec. After the publication, Łukasz Piebiak stepped down from the office.

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