Flash estimate: inflation in September at 17.2% year on year

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Tusk o inflacji: nikt nad tym nie panujeTVN24
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Inflation in September this year rose at a 17.2% annual pace, according to a flash estimate released on Friday (September 30) by the Central Statistical Office of Poland (Statistics Poland). The barrier of 17% has been crossed for the first time since February, 1997. Experts projected consumer prices to increase by 16.5% year on year.

The increase in prices of consumer goods and services in August of 2022 was 16.1% year on year, 15.6% in July, and 15.5% in June.

Inflation in Poland

According to a flash estimate carried out by Statistics Poland, inflation in September has exceeded the 17% threshold for the first time since February, 1997. Consumer prices at the time increased by 17.3% year on year.

Statistics Poland data also shows that prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages have increased by 19.3% compared to September of 2021, whereas electricity, gas and other fuels - by 44.2%, and fuels for personal transport equipment - by 18.3%.

Furthermore, the flash estimate shows that inflation in September this year has increased by 1.6% compared to August, 2022.

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