Former transport minister released from detention after 9 months

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TVN24Sławomir Nowak opuścił areszt

There is no credible reason to believe the former minister of transport Sławomir Nowak will attempt to mislead the investigation, while there has been a number of shortcomings in the manner the prosecutor's office and the Central Anticorruption Bureau have been handling the case - the portal has unofficially learned these were the main arguments behind the court's decision to release the former minister from detention.

Former minister of transport in PO-PSL government was released from detention on Monday. Sławomir Nowak was arrested in 2020 in relation to suspicion of corruption, running an organised criminal group and money laundering.

"A time of truth will come. There will be time to fight back" - Nowak said after being released.

The court has imposed preventive measures on Nowak: ban on leaving Poland and confiscation of passport, police monitoring, and 1-million-zloty bail.

Nowak's attorney Joanna Broniszewska said she would reveal all details regarding unlawful conduct of law enforcement authorities and the state in due course. "Sławomir Nowak will be released today. I won't hide my huge satisfaction and joy" - she said earlier on Monday.

Spokesperson for the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw Aleksandra Skrzyniarz criticised the court's decisions arguing that Nowak's release could seriously jeopardise the investigation. In her view, the decision creates opportunity for the suspect to flee the country, as well as influence potential witnesses and other suspects.

The District Prosecutor's Office said it would appeal against the court’s decision.

According to unofficial information gathered by portal, the court argued that there was no credible reason to believe Nowak would try to mislead the investigation. Furthermore, the court is said to have found shortcomings in the way the investigation has been led by the prosecutor's office and the Central Anticorruption Bureau.


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